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Why I should buy games on dollar.gg?
You should buy games on dollar.gg, first, because it's safe:
the garantee is 100%, low prices, easy to buy, quality technical support, all the methods of payment, fast delivery and another bonuses.
How I can buy the products?
Select the products -> choose the methods of payment -> make a payment and receive your order. More details are described here.
Where I can find the game after winning?
You can find it in your account.
Where do you get your products?
We have only licensed goods, which we take from official publishers. Guarantee 100%.
Where is my personal account and why i need to log in?
Personal account. Registration is necessary for use of our site.
Where I can find help, if I have a problem?
Contact us through the page Contacts.
Why we have these prices?
The pricing of our store is individual. If somewhere you will find stock, it is not necessary, that we also have it.
How to cooperate with your store?
We are ready to cooperate with you. Write to the support team.
How long will take delivery to my account or to my e-mail after payment?
Right away! After payment, you should check your e-mail and there will be a letter from our store with your order. Please note, on our website is digital delivery, not physical. You will get your goods in digital form to your e-mail or in the section of purchases in your account.
Can I pay for the goods with my Steam purse?
No, you can't, the payment system which we use and steam - are different non-interconnected things. But you can make payments with the help of Steam skins.
Bought the products, where I can find them?
Immediately after purchase, the product will appear in your account.
If i wouldn't like the game, can I have my money back?
No, it is immpossible. If you bought the product, you can't give it back or exchange.
I bought the game, but it hangs / lags / crashes / does not start on my computer, what should I do?
The goods can't be exchanged and returned. Before buying, you agreed to the product description and user agreement. The store is not responsible for any technical problems with the game. Advises:
reinstall the game, update drivers to the hardware of your computer, reduce graphics settings in the game, check your computer for viruses / miners, complete unnecessary processes in Task Manager, reinstall the OS, and also check the details of the computer is not overheating. Also you can find a solution to the problem on the forums on the Internet or better immediately in technical support.
I bought the game, activate, install, but it's not working, what should i do?
1. Restart your computer and try again.
2. Check the platform on which the game is running for updates.
3. Check the destination folder of client (for example, Steam) and games. In this destination must be only English letters. If isn't like that, rename the folders and reinstall the game.
4. Run a platform or game with administrator rights.
5. Reinstall the game and the platform.
6. Check the integrity of the cache in the game settings (in the library in the properties of the game).
7. Maybe the game doesn't mach with your operating system (for example, 32-bit, but you need 64-bit).
8. If the game doesn't run, its not our fault. The store is responsible for the activation key. With technical issues that aren't connected with us at all, please contact the game developer.
I bought the game, but it didn't have my language, what should I do?
If the description of the game indicates that, it has only English, it means that it's not our fault.
The goods can't be exchanged and returned. Read the product descriptions before buying.
How long I can activate the key?
For any time, you can activate the key, but better will be, if you activate it right away. We are responsible for the functionality of the key only the first month, after the sale, then of course, we will try to help with any problem, but it doesn't mean that each situation will be resolved. Don't worry. In practice, we didn't have any unresolved situations.
How to cooperate with your store?
We are ready to cooperate with you. Write to the support team.

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