Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The site is a collection of electronic documents (files) used by the Administration of the Site on the property rights, united under one address of dollar.gg.

The product is a licensed alphanumeric product key or some other code to activate the software.

Computer game is a computer program for the organization of the game process, and contains text, digital, graphic, sound, music, video, photos and other information that includes objects of copyright and related rights, as well as other programs for computers.

User is any individual who visits the Site.

The buyer is a fully capable physical person who either makes Orders on the Site or uses the Goods purchased on the Site for personal purposes.

Order - request of the Buyer to receive the Goods at the specified e-mail address, issued in accordance with the requirements of the Site.

Seller - dollar.gg (dollar.gg)

Site Service - the software of the Site, which gives the User to cooperate with the Site Administration, third parties (payment services, banks, etc.) regarding the transaction for the receipt of the Goods, their payment on the Site.

  1. General
    1. Any User visiting this Site will ensure that he or she is 18 years of age or 14 years old, having previously obtained an agreement to use this Site from their legal representatives (guardians or parents).
    2. The seller is the owner of the Site, who administers and operates it.
    3. When completing the Order, the Buyer accepts the Terms of Sale of the Goods (hereinafter the Terms), which are a public offer.
    4. The buyer consciously agrees with the terms of the User Agreement by clicking the «Buy», «Refill» buttons (balance) on the product pages or when replenishing the balance in your account.
    5. The site is accessible to the entire Internet. All Goods placed on the Site do not have regional restrictions on their activation and use.
    6. In order to use the Site fully, the User may need to create his own personal account (personal cabinet). To register on the Site, that means: indication of your e-mail and a unique password, confirmation of the account through the specified mail. After registration, you can access your personal cabinet, view or make changes to your personal data on the Site. My account is necessary for using some services of a site which in any way are not connected with purchase of the Goods
    7. In order to deactivate your personal account, the user must be contacted by e-mail [email protected] with the request.
    8. The site administration has the right to carry out marketing models, such as: accumulative discount, promo code, giveaways, coupons for giveaway and others.
    9. Delivery of goods is carried out only by a digital method (to the e-mail address), and not physical.
  2. Ordering and Delivery of Goods
    1. When ordering the Buyer, the buyer must indicate his / her own e-mail address (e-mail / mail) to which the Goods will be delivered, and the goods will be displayed in the shopping list in the personal cabinet.
    2. Delivery of the goods is effectuated after payment immediately, using the service for receiving payments g2a.com. In case of delay or no receipt of the Goods within 24 hours, the Buyer who purchased the Goods must contact the Seller.
    3. All the information presented on the Site is only a reference and may not be fully secure information about the properties and characteristics of the Goods. In case the Buyer has any questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the Goods, the Buyer must contact the Seller before placing the Order.
    4. Pre-ordering
      1. The seller can offer a Product that is not yet on sale. Such a Product is named Pre-order.
      2. The Site contains information about the date when the Goods appears. The specified term, the price of the Goods and other information indicated on the Site may be changed and / or edited on the basis of information received from the developer of this software product.
      3. The seller has the right to request additional payments or implementation of monetary funds back to the Buyer on the basis of his application for the return of paid funds for the Pre-order of the Goods. This Condition is valid in the circumstances specified below in subparagraph 10.1 related to subparagraphs 10.2 and 10.3.
  3. Payment of the Goods
    1. The price of the Goods is indicated on the Site and at any time can be changed by the Seller unilaterally.
    2. The current price is indicated on the product page.
    3. The buyer can choose any available payment method when refilling his Balance. In accordance with the commission of the chosen method of payment, the final price in the service g2a.com may change. The burden of paying third parties commissions for carrying out transactions for the payment of the Goods is on the Buyer by himself and at the expense of its own funds.
    4. Payment by bank cards
      1. Payment by bank card is carried out only by its real owner.
      2. The seller can cancel the Order without explaining the reason. In this case, the value of the Goods is fully refunded to the bank card of the holder, from which the payment transaction was made.
  4. Goods return and exchange
    1. The goods purchased by the Buyer are not exchanged or returned when the goods were received. Also, the refund for the Pre-Order is not carried out without the announcement of the possibility of this from the Seller himself.
    2. Return of the Goods after receipt is impossible due to the fact that the Buyer in fact acquires the right to use, which relates to copyright objects and is protected as a literary work.
    3. The user guarantees that before the purchase of the Goods he is notified that there is no refund and / or exchange of the right to use computer programs.
    4. Error of the Goods is excluded. The buyer must contact the Seller in case of problems with activation of the Goods, on condition that the Buyer read the description of the Goods obligatory and all related information associated with this Goods.
    5. The seller is not responsible for any buyer actions with the purchased goods, including activation of the goods through additional programs (for example, using a VPN to activate the key in another region).
    6. The seller is obliged to return money or replace the Goods in case the Goods were not received, or they were of inadequate quality (excluding technical problems), or did not match with the provided characteristics on the Site. Applications for the return of funds are accepted within 30 hours from the date of purchase of the specific Goods by the Buyer. After the expiration of the specified period, requests for a refund are not accepted and are not effectuated. After the successful activation of the Goods, it is impossible to return it and money. Technical problems associated with the Goods are resolved with the publisher or developer, but not with the Seller.
  5. Copyright
    1. Obligatory observance of copyrights established by the legislation.
    2. All product names, company's names and brand names, logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  6. Rights and obligations of the parties
    1. Seller has a unilateral right to transfer his rights and obligations arising from his relationship with the Buyer to third parties.
    2. The Seller can provide discounts, promotions, bonuses and other alphanumeric codes to the Buyer without Buyer's accept. Their types, charging rules and conditions of receipt are indicated on the website in the relevant sections on the Site.
    3. The seller can change the charging rules and conditions for obtaining discounts, bonuses, promo codes and other codes unilaterally, without the consent of the Buyer.
    4. The client agrees to use the purchased Goods only for personal, domestic, family and non-commercial purposes.
    5. The seller is responsible for the efficiency of the goods. The publisher or developer of this software product is responsible for technical problems.
    6. The seller has the right to use the feedback of Buyers left after purchase, at their discretion.
    7. Administration of the site is not responsible if the User does not have the technical ability to receive the goods, activate it, access the site or their own e-mail.
    8. The user allows the Administration of the site to send him e-mail messages of promotional or warning kind.
    9. Administration of the site is not responsible for possible damage to third parties caused by using the site and its services.
    10. The administration of the site has the right to block further use of the site (personal account or purchase of goods) to the User at its discretion at any time.
    11. The seller is responsible for the Product 14 days from the date of its purchase by the Buyer. After the expiration of this period, any claims to the goods are not accepted. But the Seller, for its part, can continue providing support for this Goods, if this is possible from his side.
    12. Indicating your email on the Site in any appropriate form, the User agrees to mailing of any kind from the Site.
  7. Other conditions
    1. In case of any issues related to the Site activity and the proposed digital products, the Buyer may at any time contact the Seller at any of the contacts listed on the site in the «Contacts» section of the Site. Answers to questions are given within the day.
    2. Any disputes will be resolved by both sides through negotiations.
    3. Recognition by a court an invalid of any clause and / or sub-clause of these Terms doesn't mean the invalidity of the remaining clauses and sub-clauses.
  8. Confidentiality
    1. Any personal information received by the Buyer and the Seller via the Site is confidential.
    2. The Parties undertake to follow the legislation and not disclose confidential information to third parties.
    3. By providing his personal data, the Buyer agrees to the processing, saving and use of his personal data in order to: register the User on the site, make customer support, obtain information about the marketing events by the User, fulfill the Seller's obligations to the Buyer, conduct audits and other internal research to improve the quality of services provided.
    4. In order to fulfill the obligation to sell the Goods, the Seller collects the following necessary information about the Buyer:
      - personal information that the Buyer has provided to the Seller (e-mail address and other);
      - technical information assembled by the Seller's software while visiting the Site by the Buyer.
    5. The user gives the Seller permission to assemble, process and store their personal data.
    6. The seller never does not provide any personal information of the Buyer to nobody, except as provided by law.
    7. The Buyer agrees to assemble its technical information collected by the Site software during its visit. During a visit to the Help Desk, the information from the standard server logs (server logs, for example, the IP address of the User's computer, etc.) is automatically available to the support service.
    8. The site has the technology of user identification, based on the use of cookies. Cookies are small files that are saved on a user's computer through a web browser. The site administration does not store personal data or passwords in cookies. The user has the right to prohibit the saving of cookies on the computer used to access the Site, having configured his browser. It should be taken in consideration that all services using this technology may not be available.
  9. Bans and Restrictions for Users
    1. The User is not allowed to use the Site in any way that may interfere its normal functioning.
    2. The user is prohibited from carrying out actions as unfair advertising, anti-advertising, slander on the Site.
    3. It is forbidden to abuse or express any other disrespect to the Users of the site Buyers and employees of the store.
    4. The user is prohibited from posting any unacceptable content on the Site. For publishing such content, which to the opinion of the Site Administration is considered unacceptable, there will be a blocking of access to the Site or other restriction.
  10. Force Majeure
    1. The Seller and the Buyer are not responsible to each other for delay, non-fulfillment of obligations due to circumstances that have arisen beyond the will and will of both parties and which can not be foreseen or avoided, including declared or actual war, civil unrest, epidemics, blockades, economic sanctions and other phenomena (depreciation of the national currency of the country, default), embargo, earthquakes, floods, fires and other natural disasters.
    2. A Party that does not fulfill its obligation should notify to the other Party of the obstacle and its influence on the performance of obligations under the user agreement.
    3. If the force majeure acts for six (6) consecutive months and does not show any signs of the end, this User Agreement may be dissolved by either of the Parties by giving notice to the other Party and it is considered dissolved upon receipt of the notification.

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